Fire prevention

The company offers Design, Technical Assistance and Works Management for:

  • Survey of status
  • Verification of the situation regarding authorisation with authorities and organisations
  • Feasibility studies and preliminary design in compliance with current regulations in relation to fire prevention for civil, industrial and commercial activities, hospitals, tertiary sector, warehouses, public works, public entertainment venues, etc.
  • Fire prevention engineering with risk profile methodology compliant with
    DM 03/08/2015
  • Advanced Fire Safety Engineering (FSE) in fire prevention with methodology and engineering approach to fire prevention through simulations and engineering calculations using advanced software
  • Design of manual and automatic fire extinguishing and/or control systems with water, gas, foam, powder in compliance with EU or international standards and/or directives (UNI, NFPA), F.M. insurance standards. (Factory Mutual)
  • Design of active fire protection systems: detection and alarm, EVAC, control and natural or forced smoke and heat evacuation
  • Certification activities for active and passive fire protection systems with the issue of certificates on ministerial forms issued by qualified professionals registered in the Ministry of the Interior’s lists pursuant to Leg. 139/2006
  • Study and drafting of Fire Safety Management Systems
  • Applications for Project Assessment and Feasibility Permit to the Fire Department with standard procedures and/or with dispensation procedures
  • Procedure for the notification of commencement of works and assistance with the issue of the Fire Prevention Certificate
  • Proceedings for periodic renewal of fire conformity
  • Study and drafting of Emergency and Evacuation Plans
  • Study and preparation of fire-fighting registers for surveillance, control, maintenance and testing in compliance with current legislation