1 We obtain customer satisfaction by reacting rapidily, meeting the deadlines and offering the most suitable solution to them (not the solution that is best from design point of view)

2 To be present and be a benchmark for customers means communicating with them constantly

3 Everyone’s professional growth goes through the growth of the company which goes along with the growth of the customer

4 We do not judge the error itself but rather lack of proactivity in resolution

5 The company is made of people: everyone can bring added value, thanks to seriousness, professional attitude and research in innovation

6 Respecting your co-workers is crucial. With no respect, even the best professional, or the best idea, is not worthy

7 Sharing is the basis of the best ideas

8 Keeping up with market changes makes us winning

9 Let us remember that for our customers, internal and external, the cowl does not make the monk

10 To be professional you do not need to be severe