H.T.C. is a company providing integrated design and consulting services for the technology sector

FERRERO was established in the early 1970s, initially as F.G. di Ferrero Giovanni e C. s.n.c.
In 1996 it was renamed H.T.C. S.r.l. (High Technology Consultancy), providing integrated design and consultancy services in the technology and energy sector.

The company is able to meet the requirements of numerous customers operating in a variety of sectors (food, chemical-pharmaceutical, industrial, large-scale retail trade, civil engineering, etc.) thanks to its qualified and experienced engineers and industrial experts.

In addition to the design phase H.T.C. is able to support its customers both in the preliminary phases, with consultancy and feasibility analyses, and in the execution phases, through Works Management activities.

To achieve this goal, H.T.C .has set up several independent divisions, each of which headed by an expert in the specific sector.
These experts report to a co-ordinator who interfaces several work groups, both in the design phase and in advising and assisting the customer, should it be necessary to provide an interdisciplinary service; in this case, the company will be assigned a tutor with whom to liaise throughout the entire procedure.